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Hello Folks šŸ‘‹

I am a Full Stack Web Developer working with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and other Adobe Cloud solutions. Also, I work on web services, JAVA EE, Spring Boot and React JS. I love to make new things and reverse engineering. Also, love to learn and share. ā¤ļø Open Source.

  • šŸ”­ Iā€™m currently working on JAVA, AEM, React JS and Automation Testing
  • šŸ’¬ Ask me about AEM, JAVA, Programming
  • ā¤ļø Loves: Java, Data Structure and Algorithms
  • šŸ“½ļø Favourite Shows: Dark, Mr. Robot, Black Mirror

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Profile bio
Track and practice data structures and algorithms
Repo for portfolio and blogs using gatsby
Develop front end components with AEM Coral UI
Create Custom Menu under AEM Tools by extending Granite UI
Simple Game named as "GALACTIC FORCE"